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  • Ayesha Cheema

Fall fun at Cox Farms

There is so much to love about Fall from the color palette of changing leaves, pumpkin patches, apple picking, holiday season around the corner...mmm...Fall is the perfect time to take advantage of the milder season before winter hits and take some beautiful pictures. I had never been to the pumpkin patch or a Fall festival for that matter and thought this year would be the year to finally make it to a popular Fall festival that happens at Cox Farms, Centreville, Virginia.

Me and my sis in law decided it would be the perfect opportunity to take cute pictures of my two years old niece but when we got to the pumpkin patch, we learnt quickly enough that my niece was much more interested in hiding from the paparazzi (hehe us) than posing for them. We decided to let her be marveled by the pumpkins she was so fascinated by and take some pretty pictures for ourselves - it was a good day after all and we did end up eating some warm apple cinnamon doughnuts and sipping on fresh apple cider! Yum!

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